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Our courses to learn laboratory procedures for Lingual Orthodontics are always in demand either “In-Lab” or outside visiting institutions or through privately organized seminars. We teach 2D Lingual Bonding or 3D Lingual bonding techniques via the use of our instruments TTS and BPI (old TAD and BPD) and the IN-tendo 2D height Guages.

The instruments ca be used for the B.E.S.T. system, or to get total individualization for Tip and Torque via the full IN-tendo system. We also teach our system of diagnostic set-up models and how to measure them. You can also learn ‘Labial Precise Indirect Bonding’ following the same principles we use for the Lingual or simply by following a bonding chart such as Roth or MBT, but with increased Torque control due to the combined use of the TTS ad BPI. Indirect bonding using instruments has much more control over the torque rather than Indirect Bonding by hand ( as most teach) or than direct bonding.

Our Lab Courses

The ‘In-Lab’ courses are the best for a full practical experience and dedicated time 1:1 with Peter Sheffield. We believe that this type of in-depth course is not available elsewhere. You can book Peter to visit your company or institution to teach you or a group, but visiting prices are always higher. The courses are always arranged at mutually convenient times between you the participants and Peter. Contact Peter at for more details.

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