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Anterior tooth morhology an its effect on torque

Bracket driven orthodontics

Buccolinngual root torque

Comparative Analysis of slot dimension in Lingual bracket systems

Crown Angulation and Inclination of Northern Thais with Good Occlusion

Degredation of Lingual orthodontics archwires

ESLO 2016 Short Lecture Lets talk about torque

Evolution of Technique for Labial and Lingual Indirect Bonding IN tendo a Brief History and Comparison

IN-tendo decsription and brief Users guide

IN-tendo Guide to Lab forms and Communications

Initial stress differences between tipping and torque movements A three-dimensional finite element analysis

Johnson 2013 Selecting custom torque prescriptions for the straight wire appliance

Lab procedures for Lingual orthodontics Part 1

Labial Buccal Indirect Bonding A new Manual Method

Lingual Indirect bonding using the TAD and BPD Part 2

Lingual Orthodontics A Review

Normal Torque of the Buccaal Surface of Mandibular Teeth and its Relationship with Bracket positioning A Study in Normal Occlusion

Practice based comparison of direct and indirect bonding

Self ligating vs conventional twin brackets during e masse space closure with sliding mechanics

The relationship between the mid point and the most prominent point on the labial curve of upper nterior teeth