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Now you know what IN-tendo is, you should know about us.

We are a dedicated small team of professionals who are passionate about what we do!
We develop not only the instruments, but also the techniques we think are best for the precise indirect bonding of orthodontic brackets, both for the Lingual and Labial techniques.

Peter is always looking at all aspects of the work with a critical and analytical eye, especially for the quality control on the production side. We not only sell the instruments which have replaced the TAD and BPD, but also teach their applications to the world of Ortho (for more details visit the “Courses” page).

Peter often is attending conferences, seminars or conducting courses around the world (see gallery), not only to look at how to develop the techniques, but also to pass on his understanding and experience in the field of ‘Lingual Orthodontic Laboratory’ work. To learn more about Peter Sheffield,
visit his LinkedIn profile:-

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