• The T.T.S Tip & Torque Surveyor
    is an ergonomically designed, easy to use digital instrument
    that can be used for measuring with good precision dental models for
    "Tip and Torque"
    This information can then be added to diagnostics when planning Orthodontic cases,
    especially relating to fixed labial and lingual Orthodontics and the choice of torque
    required within the system. It can be use like a digital TARG to set tip and torque be
    transferred into brackets during Laboratory Indirect Bonding Procedures with the B.P.I.
  • The B.P.I Bracket Positioning Instrument
    This is a device for positioning orthodontic brackets to the surface of mal-occluded
    teeth on dental models or ‘set-up models’ used in lingual and/or labial
    orthodontic techniques.
    It has digital encoders for precise height & thickness measurements.

What is IN-tendo?

IN-tendo Precise Indirect Bonding Systems was started in 2010, but was in development by Peter Sheffield since 2004.

It is a logical blend of existing ‘Indirect Bonding’ Laboratory Systems for Orthodontics, thus creating a Hybrid technique of CLASS, TARG and BEST systems. IN-tendo came from years of doing Lingual Orthodontic Laboratory techniques using the Modified T.A.R.G. Instrument from Dr. Fillion, who is now considered the “Father of Modern day Lingual Orthodontics”.

After spending 2 weeks in Dr. Fillion’s Paris Lab in 2004, Peter had the idea to modify the instruments. Firstly this was just his engineering and Dental Technology background looking for Precision and ‘Ease of Use’. But it quickly turned into a quest to create something new and more universal. From there the B.P.D. ‘Bracket Positioning Device’ and the T.A.D. Torque Angulation Device were born. He then went back to Paris for a further 2 weeks in 2005, to see the application of the instruments and improve his own knowledge.


The T.A.D.

The T.A.D. was the first ever “Digital TARG” and was designed for measuring Orthodontic models as well as being used in reverse for Indirect Bonding of Lingual or Labial brackets to Dental models.

Now we have re-designed the instruments and have the T.T.S. Tip & Torque Surveyor and the B.P.I. Bracket Positioning Instrument, which are more robust with improved electronics, versatility and ease of repair. We use these instruments all the time in our own laboratory “The Torque and Angulation Lab”, which was also started in 2010 and we also sell them around the world, also giving courses in our various Lingual and Labial indirect bonding laboratory techniques.